Why A Wrap Carrier...

Why carry your baby in a wrap?

For Baby

  • Babywearing is extremely important (as are speaking, touching...) because it usually happens at the very beginning of parenthood and of the adult - child connection. It is decisive and helps building the fundations of the future communication between the adult and the child, who in turn will become an adult.
  • Babies can be worn from their very first days, this helps with the trauma of leaving the uterus to enter the outside world and it creates a continuum with the security of the mother’s womb.
  • When properly used, the wrap supports the Baby in a physiological fœtal position. This support gives him security and helps him feel confident and active in supporting his body and clinging to the wrapper.
  • When baby is worn, his muscles relax, digestion is made easier, thus reducing acid reflux and colic. The rocking sensation helps Baby sleep.
  • Babies have a fundamental need of being supported and wrapped by the adult. This physical and emotional security will soothe the child when he’s worn properly and doesn’t have to fight gravity to feel supported.
  • Wearing your child helps him be an actor of his environment , it stimulates his motor, cognitive and emotional development.The child interacts with his environment and experiences different emotions and rythms throughout the day, along with the adult he is at eye-level with.

Having both hands free

  • Your hands are free for everyday routine tasks: shopping, household chores, going out & about...
  • It also allows you to mentally disconnect a bit from Baby, especially if he demands lots of attention, without pushing him away: you will meet his need for physical contact, he’ll be soothed and you can physically and mentally relax.

Comfortable babywearing

  • The fabric of the JPMBB wrap is light and sturdy, it’s breathable and has the particularity of clinging to Baby’s body like a second skin that supports him without bulks or creases.
  • The material makes adjusting the fabric soft and easy to support Baby from head to lower legs.
  • Contrary to front pack carriers, in the wrap the weight is distributed evenly between the shoulders, the spine, the small of the back and the thighs of the wrapper in an optimal and adjustable way.
  • Baby can be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort for the Baby or the parent. This is great for working (but not too much! don’t forget that baby’s here!), travelling and for other boring chores such as shopping or washing dishes...

Skin-to-skin contact in the wrap

  • Using a wrap can make skin-to-skin contact easier, especially during Baby’s very first days, and to help with the beginning of breastfeeding.
  • The wrap covers Mom’s entire upper body and buttocks once every tail and pass is spread. You can have discreet skin-to-skin contact, even in public (at the hospital for instance).This closeness with Baby will help you through the beginning of breastfeeding.


  • The wrap allows easy nursing in or outside the wrap, in public places, on the bus, at the playground...
  • Nursing in the wrap is not an achievement per se, but it makes breastfeeding easier in everyday life.
  • Cradle carries and its variations are meant especially for nursing in the wrap. You can also nurse in front or hip carries.

Pre-verbal communication

  • Meeting your child’s needs through physical contact, rocking him, is the beginning of communication as early as the first days.
  • Feeling VS knowing: Baby will find his strength in « feeling » and not in « knowing ». We’re not used to trust and use our feelings and sensations to learn, but they are extremely important in building the parent - Baby bond.Physical contact as well as being rocked are essential to Baby’s development.
  • People are used to verbal communication and can be confused when they become parents, as Baby cannot speak.
  • The sense of touch, the closeness provided by the wrap allow both Baby and his parents to have instinctive physical conversations.

The father’s place

  • Wearing your Baby can be a great help to create or reinforce the parents - child bond, especially for the father who will be able to experience a closeness that was only the Mom’s during pregnancy.

For Baby’s family

  • While wearing the new Baby in the wrap, you will have more time and attention to give others, whether they’re Baby’s siblings or other grown-ups.This way you can keep on being aware of your older children’s needs and have both hands free for everyday family tasks.