Safety Rules

Safety rules to use the wrap

Like any other baby product, some basic safety rules are to be followed with a baby carrier:

  • - POSITION : Carry baby in upright or semi- reclined position, close enough to kiss.

    – BREATHING : Airways must be clear at all time Face visible by tha carrer. Chin up, mouth free.

    – OBSERVATION : Monitor your child while in the baby carrier.

    – Baby must not be too much covered by clothes. (winter and summer)

    – Ensure the baby does not curl with the chin resting on or near the chest.

    – Don’t carry a baby in an horizontal position.

  • - Don’t carry baby too low.

  • - Don’t forget Baby’s volume and shape when going through a door.

  • - Pay attention to anything that might hit Baby in public places or transportation.

  • - The wrap is by no means a car seat.

  • - Don’t sleep when you’re wearing your child.

    The wrap is a Baby carrier. It must be used in a safe environment in which the wrapper can pay full attention to the Baby and his posture.

  • Do NOT use the wrap when doing physical, mechanical or aquatic sports or any other activity that may divert your attention from Baby.

Comfort rules to use the wrap

  • - Baby’s head must be lined up with his spine and musn’t flop in any direction. Change sides regularly to relieve tensions.

  • - The wrap must be adjusted correctly. If you feel like you need to support Baby with your hands, it’s not adjusted properly. Check out the Instruction booklet, the Tutorial videos, or our Blog.

  • - Make sure Baby can drink as much as he needs (offer bottle or nurse frequently).

  • - Baby must be in a deep sitting position, knees up to his navel, base of the spine in a rounded curve.