NEWBORN - Leg Positioning

My baby’s just one month old. Which front carries should I use to avoid forcing his legs into a squat?

You should use carrying styles in which the fabric goes UNDER Baby’s thighs, and not BETWEEN them, such as the Front Carry, Double Hammock Style (front PWCC) or asymmetrical positions: Off-Center Front Carry or Vertical / Seated Cradle.

This way, there are no risks of overspreading Baby’s legs.

For a Baby younger than 3-4 months, the knees should be bent and always be lined up with the width of his pelvis when he’s froglegged in the wrap.

This is how Baby should be positioned under the wrap :

position fœtale sous l'écharpe de portage

position foetale sous l'écharpe de portage

position Berceau Assis sous l'écharpe de portage