NEWBORN - Best Carrying Styles

What is the best carry for a newborn?

Don't know which carry to use? Check out the selected videos below for the best positions during Baby's first 4 months.

We recommend the following carries for several reasons:

  • The legs and arms are brought together
  • Baby is firmly maintained under his bottom
  • The spinal curve is preserved
  • The head is lined with the spine: it doesn't flop in any direction
  • The natural froglegged position isn't bothered by fabric between the legs


The Front Carry, Double Hammock style: Up to 14 lbs / 0-4 months

Off-Center Front Carry: Up to 11 lbs/ 0-3 months


                   Baby is hungry!

Nursing – Breastfeeding: Up to 13 lbs / 0-4 months

Nursing – Head Outside Wrap: Up to 13 lbs / 0-4 months