JPMBB Baby Wrap - Tips


"The Original" JPMBB Baby Wrap - Tips

To be closer to reality, JPMBB pedagogical choice was to make the videos with real Babies during various waking or quiet moments, for several months. We wish to show you a realistic use of the wrap and some typical reactions from the Baby or the wrapper. Tonus and reactions vary with each Baby and with his age.

Postures recommended for infants

Appropriate carries for an increasingly curious baby

From the wrap to the car seat

To put Baby in or out the cosy, from the wrap. Here from a Front Off Centered position in a Sliding Knot, very useful for short walks from home to the car, down the stairs…

The wrap does not replace the infant car seat!

In case of low temperature

You can use a fleece blanket folded under the third layer in case of very low temperatures:

Intermediate Knot on the thigh, to ease back carries setup.