Babywearing - Head Support (Part 2)


How can I support my baby’s head when he’s asleep in the wrap?

When you're wearing an infant who has no head control at all, be careful that his posture is respectful of the natural positioning of his head and body.

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In the Vertical / Seated Cradle Carry, the head is supported (but not necessarily covered) by the strap on the same side. Look at your baby to do all the necessary adjustments.

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In front carries, a good sitting position (legs squat, rounded back, knees as high as navel) relieves baby from supporting the weight of his head. If his head lolls sideways you can gently cover it with the strap. Pull the fabric from your back to the front to get some slack before covering baby's head.

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Babies who don't like having fabric on their head during waking moments may not mind being covered when they are asleep.

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Important: when Baby’s asleep, his limbs will relax, so you may need to adjust or tighten the wrap a bit. Make sure his knees are high enough so that his head his properly supported.

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