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Cuddle Toy Research

As a cuddle toy manufacturer, Keptin-Jr knows the important role that Cuddles play in a person’s development and well-being. To stay at the leading edge Keptin-Jr continually conduct research into the subject. The findings of the latest study are summarized below.

Cuddle toys for attachment therapy

(february 2014 - June 2014)

Attachment Disorder, a psychological condition which is commonly diagnosed during infancy, childhood or adolescence, is known to develop before the age of 5. Children affected fail to develop an emotional bond with their parents. They can find themselves socially isolated as a result. The child feels rejected and unwanted leading to a state of stress and hopelessness resulting in emotional and behavioral difficulties. Even in later life Attachment Disorder can still have a negative influence on behavior. An applied psychologist at Drechtsteden University has researched whether a Cuddle Toy can play a therapeutic role for children with this condition. The findings regarding how best the cuddle toy can play this role are set out below.

The cuddle concept for adults

(March 2013 to January 2014)

The population of the western world is living longer. A consequence of this is that elderly people are increasingly confronted with diseases and conditions with affect their quality of life. One of the most troubling diseases affecting the well-being of the elderly is Alzheimer’s disease.

Inspired by Paro, the Japanese Takanori Shibatakih’s cuddly seal toy, at Keptin-Jr we challenged ourselves to develop their own cuddle toy which could improve the well-being of the elderly suffering from dementia. Research was conducted by a master’s student at Delft University of Technology (Department of Industrial Development). In cooperation with institutions for the geriatric and members of The Brain Collective, three concepts were developed which are expected to deliver a positive contribution to the well-being of Alzheimer patients at the various stages of their condition. These concepts are:

  • The Cuddle Cat (for patients at stages 3 and 4)
  • Decorative Flowers (all stages)
  • Cuddle Bag (for patients at stages 2 and 3)

Putting the study of the cuddle concept into practice is still work in progress. By early 2015 Keptin-Jr expects to have gathered sufficient empirical evidence to decide whether one of these concepts can be developed into a product aimed at this group.

Cuddles for premature babies

(March to October 2013)

Approximately 7% of the world’s children are born prematurely. Premature is defined as at least four weeks before the end of the expected 36 week pregnancy term. The result of a premature birth is that certain organs in the child’s body have yet to develop fully which can have consequences for their health. Often this includes underdevelopment of the lungs and brain. To avoid lasting damage to the prematurely born it is vital to counter this underdevelopment as quickly as possible.>

Keptin-Jr have studied the potential for a cuddle toy to make a contribution to this. In cooperation with Delft University of Technology (Department of Industrial Development) and staff of the neonatal department of the Juliana Children’s Hospital and the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Keptin-Jr conducted research into prematurely born children and the role a cuddle toy could play in making a contribution to their development. The result is the Bondifly, the cuddle toy for prematurely born children.

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