Babywearing - Baby's First Day

Can I wear my baby from his first day?

Maybe you won't need the wrap to carry your baby right after he's born. It's just as magical to meet your baby holding him in your arms and being aware of how he naturally comes snuggling against you.

But it is possible to wear your baby from the very first days and help him adjust to life on Earth after 9 months in mother's womb. At the hospital for instance if your baby needs physical contact but you need some rest, you can wear him in a Vertical / Seated Cradle position while sitting on your bed.

Listen to yourself and to your body if you feel tired. A mother coming out of labor and delivery may not wear her baby as much as the father who was able to keep all his energy for these first moments.

Skin to skin and Seated Cradle in JPMBB wrap

You can leave the hospital with your baby in the wrap, against Mommy's or Daddy's chest.

When wearing your infant, pay attention to the safety recommendations when it comes to choosing the best position.