Baby-wearing - Premature Baby

Can I wear my premature baby?

A few important facts about wearing premature babies: Be extra carefull that the bay's face is visible and clear at all time and that the carer constantly monitors the child. When preparing to go homye with preemies after a few weeks in the hospital, the wrap is a great way to help the parents leave Special Care Baby Unit with more self-confidence. It's a reassuring transitional object, for the babies as well as the parents. Depending on the SCBU protocol, babies can usually be worn from the moment they reach 2kg and can breathe on their own. Parents should use the same wrap in SCBU and at home, and not wash it in between. Babywearing helps going from worrying about your baby to caring for him. Once again, this makes going home with your baby easier.   Baby is worn in a high Off-Center Front Carry, his head on wrapper's shoulder.  

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  In the wrap, baby's head is held without being pinned to the wrapper's chest. This way your hands are free to do whatever needs to be done in the house. However, it's important to keep on holding baby's head to maintain contact with the premature baby and not «forget» about it (one of the principles of kangaroo care).   Depending on the SCBU protocol, the medical staff can use a wrap while working to wear babies whose parents cannot be there.   Babywearing is obviously just as important to babies who aren't premature but need to be hospitalized, and whose parents cannot always be present.